Earn Money From My Private Passive Income App Using Adsense or Bing Ads or Any Other Contextual Ad Network

What you’ll learn

  • Understand my application and install on a server using their own ads.
  • Ultimate free traffic through Social media and sharing.
  • Install Google AdSense or Bing Ads.
  • Install Google Analytics to understand traffic.
  • Set up push notifications and build a subscriber base.
  • Passive Income strategy and how to get most of it.


  • Beginner knowledge about CPanel / Hosting and PHP, html (Not a must)
  • An existing Google Adsense Account, MediaNet approved site or any other Ads network.
  • A zeal to generate Passive Income and spend some hours to set up the application
  • A PC or a Mac with active internet connection


Hello everyone and welcome to my Master Course of Passive Income with Google Adsense or Bing Ads or any other Ad Network of your preference. I will teach you my own unique ways though this simple application that I have implemented to earn more that a $1000 in just one month with MediaNet (Yahoo Bing ads) and Google Adsense Ads with proof. This is the best method applicable as per today’s trend that will earn you steady flow of money. By only spending few valuable hours you can add value to your balance.

Not only this, I will be showing you how to build your own subscriber base and implement it for promotional links and contents. If you don’t know coding, don’t worry. I will give you all the necessary files and contents. I will guide you A to Z with simple, slow and smart lessons.

I won’t give you any unnecessary information, just straight to the content! I will also teach you how to promote your application and make it viral. Yes, it is that simple and that easy. I have made the app super user friendly. Means anyone can use it.

Also, at the end of this course, you will get a free gift, adding value to your application. Key highlights of this course include:

  • A course that shows you my unique method to earn with my Passive Income App from Adsense or MediaNet (Bing Ads network) (You can use any Ad network)
  • My app and how it generates income through ad network.
  • Files and contents ready to use and implement it just right away.
  • A full newbie tutorial on how to set up the App and install it in easy steps.
  • How you can build traffic to your application and why it will be so poplular that your friends and family will share building a chain network which will earn you great revenue in turn.
  • Easy guide on how to implement Google Ads / Bing Ads that you can use to place it.
  • Set up a push notification and build a fan / subscriber base. Send promotional messages and text/urls to gain traffic later on.
  • Set up Google Analytics to monitor your traffic and income.

Still wondering?? I will show you my earnings proof and how I did it in just a month. The only hard part was developing the application, which I will give you for free, and you don’t have to waste your valuable time. Just buy my course and get your financial freedom now through Passive Income.Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to earn Passive Income through Google Adsense or any other Ads network.
  • People who want to build a subscriber base.

By Master