Helping you develop a deep understanding of resilience. Providing you with key strategies to cultivate team resilience

What you’ll learn

  • A deep understanding of what resilience is and how it can be cultivated
  • 7 key pragmatic and practical strategies to build personal resilience
  • How resilient you are right now (Resilience test)
  • 4 key strategies to create a resilient team
  • Ways of developing a resilient organisational culture
  • Multiple tools, exercises & techniques to embed resilience into your teams


  • People manager/leader
  • Willingness to learn


This course will help you develop and build personal, team and organisational resilience.

It introduces seven practical strategies to strengthen your personal resilience, with step-by-step practices that help you deal with and/or recover from setbacks, adversities and challenges. It includes over 90 minutes of video content presented in 23 engaging episodes, with downloadable supporting pdf handouts for each strategy. There are multiple exercises and tools that will help embed and develop personal resilience.

We then introduce four key strategies to cultivating team resilience, again there is step-by-step approach to each strategies, along with a number of team exercises to deepen understanding and growth of resilient teams.

Key learning outcomes:

1. To create a clearer understanding to what resilience actually is.

2. To equip leaders to help with personally resilience and tools to help those in their teams.

3. Develop their ability to create resilient relationships.

4. Improve their leadership by helping colleagues manage their resilience.

5. Enhance their skills to develop a resilient and emotionally healthy culture in the workplace.

There is also a resilience test to determine how resilient you currently are; along with a survey to help assess the psychological safety of an organisation, to then gain further insight into building a culture of resilience.

The course has been developed through key psychological understandings and insights of resilience; the 20+ years experience of the trainer as a leader in an organisation; along with personal challenges the trainer shares throughout the course.Who this course is for:

  • This course is for people managers who are wanting to further develop their own resilience whilst cultivating team resilience.

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