Connecting and working with Oracle cloud DBaaS using command line tool, Toad for Oracle, SQL Developer and C Program.

What you’ll learn

  • Creating, connecting and working with oracle cloud database using command line tool, toad for Oracle, SQL Developer and a C program.


  • Beginner level programming experience. Begineer level oracle database experience.


This course gives an insight on how to connect and work with DBaaS offered by Oracle cloud. This course is mainly for developers who want to connect to an Oracle cloud database using different tools and also want to develop an application which accesses the database on the cloud. 

This course tells you on how to create an Oracle cloud account, then connecting to it using different tools such as SQL Developer, Toad for Oracle and finally, it uses a C Program to access the database on the cloud.

This is not a course on how to write a C/C++ Program using Pro*C/C++, but it will just show how to connect to Oracle cloud database using a simple program.Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to connect to oracle cloud database and work with it.

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